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Community Corner: Which stadium is your favorite to watch the U.S. National Teams?

Let’s pick favorites!

Germany v United States - International Friendly Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images

Welcome to this week’s Community Corner, where we ask you to jump off the fence, pick an answer to settle some of U.S. Soccer’s greatest debates or issues, and back up your choice. This week, we’re asking for something happy. The United States Men’s and Women’s National Teams have played in several stadiums all across these United States, from the tiny to the enormous. But, which one has been your favorite stadium to see a U.S. match?

Now, here are the rules: it has to be a stadium that has held a USMNT or USWNT match that is still standing within the United States. So, no discussions about Mercedes-Benz Stadium or Audi Field or any stadium that has not yet held a U.S. match. And, while we don’t think it will come up, Giants Stadium, the Pontiac Silverdome (RIP) and other stadiums that are no longer standing are ineligible as well (Stadiums like RFK Stadium or the Cotton Bowl would be eligible since they are still stadiums in operation, even without primary full-time tenants).

So, hit the comments, name one stadium that just makes you all warm inside when the USMNT or USWNT have played there, and of course, give some reasons why it’s your favorite stadium to watch your national team!