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Community Corner: What does the USMNT need to do to turn it around?

Let it all out, but keep it civil in this bonus Community Corner.

Soccer: CONCACAF Nations League Soccer-USA at Canada Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

Last night in Toronto, to put it plainly, was a disaster. The United States Men’s National Team were ran off the field by Canada, winning 2-0 in a match that could have been a lot worse. The performance by everyone on the field and the coaching staff was completely apathetic, and for those people in the stands for the match (myself included), they were witnesses to a team that played like they didn’t care. And no one who traveled or watched that match at home deserved the lack of effort we all saw.

Give credit to Canada. This was Canada’s statement match and they played like it. They took the match right to the Americans and brought the intensity necessary to win. The USMNT didn’t match that passion or desire. Canada’s win was well deserved on their end, and they put themselves in a great position to qualify for the Hexagonal round of World Cup qualifying. They’ll look back at this match as a turning point in their own soccer program.

Ultimately, last night highlighted a ton of problems that have plagued the USMNT for the last few years. It was embarrassing, straight up and down, in every way. And, we need to fix it right now before it mushrooms into something irreversible.

So today, we want you to let it all out. What’s the biggest problem with this team right now? How do we turn this around?

Ground Rules

We want constructive criticisms that are civil, on topic, and not attacks on other posters. This is a post to vent your feelings, yes, but not to just create a ball of negativity that feeds off of itself and leaves you madder than you were before. For example, don’t leave comments that don’t move the conversation forward, like “I hate ___________” or “Just start all over.” If you think someone is wrong for the program, then discuss who or what you think would be right for the program instead. If you think something something specific will turn this program around so they will begin winning again - for example, not just to salvage the CONCACAF Nations League but to be prepared to qualify for the 2022 World Cup and win the 2021 Gold Cup - state why you think that specific move is the one that will bring the change we all seek. If you think something general could help the whole program, tell us why that’s the best course of action. Last night sucked and we already know it, so let’s try to talk what could help things suck less.

We all want this downward spiral of the USMNT to end. We all have ideas on how that happens, quickly or otherwise. Let’s focus on that, but let’s do it in a way that will be something for discussion and healthy debate. Have at it, everyone.