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American Soccer Weekly Rekrap: A poem, some carols, and a second USSF

Caio, 2019

USA v Netherlands - FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019 - Final - Stade de Lyon Photo by Richard Sellers/PA Images via Getty Images

2019 is coming to an end and this week was... a little slow news-wise. Still, it was in equal measure a thrilling and disappointing year for US Soccer fans. Of course, the USWNT already drank their celebratory champaign and set off fireworks as New Years came in July this year. The men... we know that story.

The end of the year is about looking back, but also looking forward. As 2020 approaches, it might be useful for US Soccer to set a theme or intention for the year. If I may suggest one - the theme of Listening might be useful. Listen to the fans, the players (especially the ones filing lawsuits), the employees, and everyone else who is a stakeholder in the non-profit organization US Soccer. It seems like that’s been in short supply recently and turning the calendar to a new year is a nice time to begin making meaningful changes.


T’was the night before Christmas and all through Soccer House, not a creature was stirring because the federation makes youth coaches move to Chicago and nobody wants to do that

This is the youth set up of countries that are in the 150ish range of the FIFA rankings look like.

Paxton POMG he’s good at soccer

There have been a few players that have gotten a lot of attention in 2019 and one is Paxton Pomykal. He’s a versitile midfielder who can play both in the middle and out wide and sit deeper or in an attacking role. This highlight reel from USMNTvideos shows why he’s so highly regarded by such experts as Rob Usry.

Some injuries and possibly disagreeable words said about Gyasi Zardes saw him not quite get the billing he may have deserved with the national team, but if he keeps playing like this he can say whatever he wants (maybe? Wil who?).

Possibly superfluous news that is tangentially related to US Soccer

Looking to no doubt signal that they will be creating a well run, totally not dysfunctional, and successful organization from top to bottom with happy employees, good leadership, and excellent decision-making, the Federal Government has given the sixth branch of the military - the United States Space Force - an apt acronym USSF! Can’t have too many branches of the military or USSFs.

MLS has Matthew McConaughey in it now

If there’s one positive from the #SaveTheCrew “I actually just want a team in Austin, not to move the team that isn’t really my team but is kinda my team” debacle, it might be that Matthew McConaughey is in MLS now. For now he’s just saying logical and reasonable MLS owner things about how good MLS is and how it’s going to be bigger than hockey or maybe even baseball, but not basketball or football - let’s be reasonable. Hopefully, he also says interesting things about loving soccer players because he keeps getting older but they stay the same age.

It was a slow week and it’s Christmas so enjoy the USWNT singing some carols

Caroling with the #USWNT

Some holiday cheer brought to you by the #USWNT! Happy Holidays from our family to yours!

Posted by U.S. Soccer on Wednesday, December 18, 2019