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This Tyler Adams assist will make you wonder why he’d ever play right back

Hi Gregg.

Getty Images

Tyler Adams is the best American soccer player in the world right now. This is not debatable. The New York native joined RB Leipzig this winter and has been lights out for the Bundesliga stalwarts. Here are some fancy statistics to back that up:

The second of his two assists came on Saturday in Leipzig’s 5-0 rout of Hertha Berlin ... and what an assist it was:

The midfielder collected the ball about 10 yards in front of his own penalty area and played a precise ball through the middle of the field, splitting several Hertha defenders, perfectly into the path of Yussuf Poulsen for the goal.

Every time you think you know what type of player Adams is, he shows you another skill he possesses and alters your perception of him. It’s plays like these, from the midfield in one of the best leagues in the world, that leave you wondering why any coach in the world would consider playing him at right back, no matter the system.