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Community Corner: the best jerseys in American soccer

We need visuals, people!

Every season, American soccer fans are constantly keeping their eye on the internet for several things associated with the game. Roster moves, transfer rumors, and even stadium renderings are sure things in eliciting reactions from the masses. But, nothing moves the needle more than the unveiling of a new jersey. Good, great, bad, or awful, a jersey unveiling will cause heavy reactions across the spectrum, from people wanting to buy 500 of them to people who wish to burn a team store down so that a jersey can never see the light of day.

While MLS has a league-wide kit deal with Adidas, which causes the league’s jerseys to be more reserved as a whole, there are still some that come out that drop jaws. The NWSL has a league-wide deal with Nike, and they also have some jerseys that look terrific. Still, it’s the lower divisions of American soccer—USL Championship, USL League One, USL League Two, and the NPSL—and even amateur teams that really push the envelope when it comes to the jersey that scintillates.

Because lower division teams want to get fans excited to watch their team, or to get their name out there, they have been stepping up lately when it comes to having jerseys that impress. It gets casual fans talking and attracting them to their online stores, causing people to learn more about that team and its players. It’s a conversation starter, and it’s terrific that some teams are designing jerseys to be the wonderful marketing tool that they can be.

So, today’s Community Corner asks you to tell us some of the best jerseys in the United States. They can be from any league or even an amateur team that you’ve seen out there, and we need you all to post some pictures so we all can see! Some of you may like the zany, while other may think less is more. Whatever that is, show them off! It could inspire the next great jersey.