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Life in 1-1-8: Gold Cup provisional roster, U-20 World Cup, Women’s World Cup discussion

A new podcast for your weekly consumption!

Welcome to Life in 1-1-8! This is a new podcast that will be developed under the umbrella of the Stars & Stripes FC team brand. Each week (and sometimes it may be more than that), I plan to discuss some of the issues and news facing soccer in the United States. It could be the USMNT, USWNT, some of the youth teams, MLS, or even something that may affect American soccer. There will be some hot takes, there will be some analysis, but mostly I will give you my thoughts on some of the main topics of the day.

As this podcast evolves, we will have some weeks where I will do a mailbag to answer your questions (Make sure you’re following us on Twitter). Hopefully down the line, I’ll have some cool guests. We’re hoping to diversity the content we provide as we head into an incredibly busy summer with the Women’s World Cup and the Gold Cup, and this is one of the ways we’re gonna give you news and analysis.

On this inaugural episode, we discuss the Gold Cup provisional roster, who made it, and who didn’t, and the combined U-23 training camp that will take place in Annapolis, Maryland. We then switch to the U-20 World Cup and highlight some players to look out for during the tournament that begins today, with the USMNT U-20s having their first match tomorrow. Finally, we touch on the USWNT as they prepare for the Women’s World Cup in France. Which teams could challenge them?

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