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Throwback Thursday: Dos A Cero Part 1

The one that started it all.

USA v Mexico Mathis

It was February 28, 2001, and the United States was hoping to continue its quest to qualify for the 2002 World Cup by defeating their main rival, Mexico. Selecting Columbus, Ohio as the location to try and create a home field advantage, the USMNT did more than that. It created a legendary moment in American soccer history, and it would create a rallying cry for its fans.

The game started off terribly for the USMNT, with Brian McBride and Claudio Reyna having to sub off in the first half. Still, they held the game scoreless at the half.

The second half started out with a bang, as substitute Josh Wolff beat legendary Mexican goalkeeper Jorge Campos to the ball, slid around him, and slotted the ball home for the game’s first goal.

Later in the match, Wolff would receive the ball and went right at Campos. Right before Campos could get there, Wolff put the ball into space for Earnie Stewart to calmly finish.

Dos A Cero. The scoreline would become familiar for everyone who roots for the United States. It began on this night in Columbus. And it’s a moment that will live forever in American soccer history.