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2019 Women’s World Cup Day 12: Match thread and discussion

We say goodbye to Group C today

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Australia v Brazil: Group C - 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup France Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

The World Cup will wrap up another group on Tuesday as Brazil and Italy face off alongside Jamaica and Australia. Arguably, this has been the most surprising group of the tournament. Going into the World Cup it seemed like Brazil would have a good shot at getting out of the group and that Australia would also get out of the group as a contender. But then THE BLUE CHAOS as I am sure they will be known from now on and forever stepped in and started smashing goals all over the place.

Currently the group stands with Italy having six points, Brazil and Australia each with three with the South Americans holding the tie-breaker, and Jamaica at zero having lost to Brazil and Italy. Depending on how things go, three teams could end up with six points and the goal differential would settle the rankings. So there is quite a bit at stake today.

As for the matches, Brazil vs. Italy should be one of the best games of the group stage. Both teams will want to win, though Italy just needs a draw to win the group. With Brazil somewhat flawed in defense and coming off of a game in which two errors cost them badly against Australia, there should be chances for Italy to get behind the defense if they end up sitting back more in the game. If that’s the case, expect more of this:

The Vision. The Pass. The Goal. Italy looks set to make a good run in the tournament and even be contenders if they keep up their good form. Don’t count out Brazil though, Marta still seems to have some magic left and could still beat any team on their day.

Next will be “Suck on that one” vs. Jamaica in a game that might be a cathartic release and chance for Australia to re-group after a few tough outings in the tournament. Things line up pretty well for the Matildas in this one. Jamaica have conceded 8 and scored zero and while Australia has flaws, they are coming off of a decent if kinda lucky win against Brazil. If things click for the team from Down Under, they could also make up ground in the goal differential category - which currently stands at 0 for Australia and 2 for Brazil.

How To Watch

Italy vs. Brazil

Location: Stade du Hainaut, Valenciennes

Kickoff: 3PM ET; Noon Pacific

TV: FS1, Universo

Streaming: Fox Sports Go (Website/App), Telemundo Sports (App/Website), NBC Sports (App), Fubo TV (Free trial)

Jamaica vs. Australia

Location: Stade des Alpes, Grenoble

Kickoff: 3PM ET; Noon Pacific

TV: FS2, Universo

Streaming: Fox Sports Go (Website/App), Telemundo Sports (App/Website), NBC Sports (App), Fubo TV (Free trial)

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