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Community Corner: Balancing all the soccer

There’s a lot of soccer on this summer. How are you balancing it all?

Chile v Uruguay: Group C - Copa America Brazil 2019 Photo by Bruna Prado/Getty Images

The summer of 2019 will be known as one where a ton of soccer was taking place at the same time. The tournament of the summer has been the Women’s World Cup, currently going on in France and featuring the United States Women’s National Team now attempting to beat all of Europe to gain its 4th star. The USMNT are currently set to complete the group stage of the CONCACAF Gold Cup. There’s also Copa America going on in Brazil and the Africa Cup of Nations is underway in Egypt. That’s a lot of soccer going on at the same time, and that’s not counting Euro 2020 qualifiers and the UEFA Nations League playoffs that took place earlier this month, and Major League Soccer, USL, and NWSL playing through it all.

We’ve talked extensively at how the Women’s World Cup didn’t get a summer to itself to shine, but it poses an issue for fans who want to watch all of it. You could watch soccer all day and night and probably not see all the soccer you wanted. So, today’s Community Corner asks you to break down how you’re balancing the Summer of Soccer. Are you focused on one team or tournament more than the others? Or, are you doing your best to watch a little bit of everything? Hit the comments and discuss!