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American Soccer Weekly Rekrap: Revenge, new USSF uniforms, and TV about soccer

We’re a Space Army blog now

Philadelphia Union v DC United Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

2020 is lurching forward as Americans abroad were back in action and MLS continues it’s perhaps inevitable march toward a work stoppage or a CBA that makes things slightly better for the players. But there was much more that happened over the week so let’s get to it.

Remember the schadenfreude from last week?

If he can’t coach in the Bundesliga, maybe he can come to the Chicago Fire and finally win them the World Cup!

Brian McBride and the job of USMNT General Manager

Sure, it seems like the USMNT GM job exists to put someone else in place between failures on the field and the US Soccer President, but don’t think that. Brian McBride spoke to ProSoccerUSA about the role and how he’ll manage it despite not having roles in the sport other than player and broadcaster. The interview notes that he will have discretion (pending discussions with Earnie Stewart and the Board of Directors) about firing the USMNT manager - so, go ahead and address all complaints about how the team is doing to him.

USSF to pick a new commander

Leadership - it must be decisive yet flexible, fair but firm, delegate but control, it’s difficult to be a leader. The National Interest has a guide for picking the USSF commander that gets into how to make this difficult and important choice.

Also, get ready for more of this, it’s not going anywhere.

MLS Soccer dot com did a 10 best Americans in MLS list

And Alejandro Bedoya is on it. Reggie Cannon is not on it. Paxton Pomykal is not on it. Alejandro Bedoay is on it. The list has about what you would expect - six of the 10 players are defensive ones and of the four that aren’t two are Alejandro Bedoya and Jozy Altidore. One player is not on the list though... Michael Bradley.

This is the best goal in MLS history now

It was a big week for American attackers turned defenders

The MLS offseason has been... a bit slow. The big name signings are just trickling in. Trades within the league are slow and in general everyone is more focused on the CBA than making roster moves. In any case, without a labor agreement, transfers are difficult and contracts are hard to negotiate because the rules they will be implemented under are still being written. However, the draft one of the top 25 in league history though, so at least one thing is going on according to pace. There is the chance of a work stoppage though and the players would have a lot of free time on their hands if that happens. Dirty South Soccer happens to think Brooks Lennon would know exactly how to spend it.

It’s not quite 21 Thunder, but get ready for more soccer drama

The Hollywood Reporter notes that Abby Wambach is working with Amy Poehler to create a TV show. It’s going to be called Division One and is “a coming-of-age comedy about an underdog women’s collegiate soccer team that gets a new female coach — a former professional soccer player who’s fallen from grace — and must decide whether or not they’re going to take the risk of trying to be great.” Sign me up!

Hi, US Soccer - this is how to redesign and launch a new crest in case that’s on the to-do list for 2020

Chipotle has a new spokesman

Name a more iconic duo other than Christian Pulisic and somewhat frequent injuries - that’s right it’s Chipotle. My understanding is that most 21 year-olds consume 70% of their meals from Chipotle so this only makes sense. Forbes, who published an article on Pulisic’s increasing marketability, noted that he’s also sponsored by Nike and Hershey’s chocolate - obviously.

Meanwhile, Alejandro Bedoya showed he can do more than earn yellow cards

Two Bedoya items in one week! Magical. ESPN has a longer interview with him, but the midfielder was critical of the USMNT and how the tactical approach was taking root with the team. The full interview is here, but the details of his comments are below.