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Community Corner: Which brand makes the best jerseys?

Nike, Adidas, New Balance, Puma...who do you have?

Sweden v United States Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

The soccer jersey business is one that is growing year after year. Just 20 years ago, many of the world’s teams would release a jersey every 1-2 years. Today, almost every team releases multiple jerseys each year. And, it means further chances for teams and apparel companies to push the envelope with jersey technology and design.

Some teams have formed a partnership with their kit manufacturer, making it synonymous with the team’s identity. The United States national teams have had Nike jerseys for over 20 years, while Germany has been one with Adidas for ages. Boca Juniors made waves when they left long-time kit manufacturer Nike for Adidas a month ago, while Liverpool is making the switch from New Balance to Nike at the end of the season.

But, while the technology gets better year after year, designs have become stagnant. Whether it’s teams or leagues that are opting for more “simple” looks or the apparel companies opting for bland templates, the result are jerseys that look the same across the board.

Every company has a template every year. Some templates are boring, and others don’t allow for much leeway. Some teams and leagues insist on minimalistic, all-white jerseys for every team, while some teams decide it’s better to push the envelope every year while maintaining a tradition for their primary jersey. For many fans, their team could be in a jersey made by a company that they love, and for others, they can’t wait for their team to ditch their current kit manufacturer.

The Community Corner question this week asks you: which apparel brand makes the best jerseys? Is it Nike? Adidas? Puma? New Balance? Another brand? Vote in the poll and then hit the comments and defend your favorite brand’s honor.


Which brand makes the best jerseys?

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