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Leaked photos show 2020 USA home and away kits

Like the Patterson-Gimlin film, but photos of a soccer jersey

Soccer: US Women’s National Soccer Team Coach Jill Ellis Press Conference Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

As the calendar turns to February that can only mean one the thing - time for jersey photo leaks. Some MLS teams have had their kits shown on the internet and today the US National Teams jerseys appeared online.

The home jersey is a return to a simple white kit with red and blue accents along the sides and on the sleeves. Nike also went back to an old-school logo on the right chest.

The away kit is navy with a lighter blue possibly Rorschach inspired pattern floating around the right shoulder and down the chest and midsection... It’ll be hard to say exactly what the design is without seeing the jersey up-close, but it looks less Stars and Stripes and more Stars and Blobs. This is definitely an original design and a move away from the similar styles that the kits displayed last year at the very least.

Kits are always met with strong reactions and surely these will be no different. While changing the design is nice and keeping things fresh and even taking risks can be fun, there’s something to be said for establishing a kind of identity or common element across kit designs. Nike has been all over the map when it comes to how the USA suits up when it takes the field.

Hit the comments and let the world know what you think about the new kits for the Stars and Stripes... or Blobs.