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Community Corner: What’s the most random league you watch regularly?

Let’s hear it!


We all have our favorite soccer teams. Whether they’re in Major League Soccer, the Premier League, the Bundesliga, La Liga, Liga MX, or elsewhere, we all have teams that we follow.

But some of us dive deep into the abyss to find some soccer that we watch or follow regularly. We have a random internet stream, stay up super late or get up super early to find out whether our team that we’ve adopted has won or lost. That could be a random league in Africa, Asia, or even here in the Americas. Maybe it’s a team in Austria where you visited the grounds or caught a match, or it’s a team in Australia or China that has another connection to you. Still, we are up at odd hours of the day and night checking FotMob or another phone app or website to see what that team or league results are and how the table looks.

So, this week’s question is a fun one that hopefully will have some interesting answers: what’s the most random league you watch or follow regularly? Hit the comments to let us know!