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Sunday Cup-o-American soccer: a wall, speed, the Crew and some lists

An awful lot of speed

MLS: Cup Final-Seattle Sounders FC vs Columbus Crew SC Joseph Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

This week featured many things that were not distinguished enough to earn their own post on SSFC. Among them were some things that you may not have know - like John Brooks is good and Lynn Williams is fast. Anyway, read about that and some other stuff in the Cup-o-Soccer.

John Brooks to divide Germany for 30 years or be a defender or something

Goal’s Ryan Tolmich reports that John Brooks is good at soccer. So much so that Wolfsburg sporting director Marcel Schafer thinks he can be one of the best defenders in the Bundesliga. The article notes that Brooks, who had some injuries and was brought in for over $25 million, got a bit of a pep talk to begin the year. There are no guarantees in soccer regardless of your transfer fee and the article notes that Brooks has risen to the occasion. Hopefully he continues to deliver for Wolfsburg and stay healthy, the USMNT badly need him as 2022 begins entering the picture.

Report: Lynn Williams fast

Like really, really fast. SportTechie noted that Williams has clocked a faster time than the fasted one recorded so far in the Champions League this year. It means that she can run 21.28 mph, it’s faster than I can usually ride my bicycle. The article goes into Williams’ Instagram post about her mark, why she’s so fast, her performance metrics, and what else she hopes to achieve as a player in her career.

Cobi Jones on the MLS 25 Greatest Players list and why the league is good actually

For the Win interviewed Cobi Jones and the former USMNT midfielder gave his opinion on the MLS 25 Greatest Players list and shared his insight on why Eurosnobs are bad. It’s a good interview with an MLS vet and he shares some good insight about how the new crop of American talent might be coming at the expense of players like him who got their chances later in their careers.

The Guardian’s top 100 best female footballers

American women didn’t get to play a lot of soccer in 2020 and their international prestige suffered a bit. That, or women’s soccer is getting much more competitive. Whatever the case, the Guardian’s top 100 best female footballers doesn’t have a Yank on it until number 9 with Julie Ertz cracking the top 10. Sam Mewis, coming in at number 15, and Crystal Dunn at 21 round out the Americans in the top quarter of players. You can check out the whole list here.

Saved the Crew

The Columbus Crew won MLS Cup by running Seattle off of the pitch really on a 3-0 scoreline. It was a result that didn’t seem possible before the club was bought by the owners of the Cleveland Brown and Anthony Precourt got what he wanted and can do some grifting in Austin now. Anyway, the Guardian has a story of what the game means to Crew fans and indeed Mapfre Stadium as it hosts its final match.

Finally, I’m going to leave you with this tweet

It’s funny.