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Community Corner: What is your soccer New Year’s resolution?

What do you hope to improve on soccer wise in 2021?

United States v Argentina: Semifinal - Copa America Centenario Photo by Shaun Clark/Getty Images

We are just 2 days away from 2021, and the end of the worst year ever is followed closely by the hope of a year anew. 2021 hopes to be a successful one on the soccer front for our United States national soccer teams, but it will be busy as well. Still, the hope that 2021 can be way better than 2020 (a very low bar, admittedly) is what carries many of us through these last few days of the calendar.

Many people generate New Year’s resolutions around this time of year as a way to strive for improvement in some area of their lives and to otherwise set goals for the new year. Soccer is no exception. Whether it’s to improve on the field, learn about a new league or a new team off the field, and to otherwise set a goal to be better in some area by this time next year than you are now, resolutions can help motivate people to make those changes for the better. Some keep their resolutions to themselves, while others broadcast them in an effort to have their friends or family keep them accountable.

As we approach New Year’s Eve, this week’s Community Corner question is: what is your soccer New Year’s resolution? Is it to improve your game on the field? Better your knowledge off the field? Read some soccer-themed books or become the best FIFA 21 player in the world? Is it to collect all the jerseys that your favorite player ever wore for club or country? Hit the comments and let us know!