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The plural of Mewis sisters is Mewis’? Mewii? Mewies?

Somehow the debate is still not settled.

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Netherlands v USWNT

What is the plural of “Mewis”? It’s the kind of question that plagues people in the same way that makes people ask why is the plural of goose “geese” but the plural of moose is not “meese.” The actual answer is that the root language of the word determines the plural, something something linguistics, but in the case of the Mewis...Mewises...Mewii...sisters, there’s still no definitive answer. They gave it a shot, though.

In the meantime, “Mewii” as a word is extremely fun and evokes the Dioscuri, more commonly known as the twins Castor and Pollux. Leaving aside that old Castor and Pollux ended up in kind of a tragic way (sorry Geminis), it’s pretty apt for the Mewis sisters, who as seen in the USSF video above, are clearly different people who are nevertheless very much on the same wavelength.

For everyone happy to see them play together again, BreakingT has got you with this Mewii shirt:

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