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Jersey Week: Best jersey your team has ever worn

We begin Jersey Week here at SB Nation by discussing some of the best jerseys your team has ever had.

MLS - Marco Echeverry - File Photos

It’s Jersey Week here at SB Nation, which is a subject that I consider my favorite. And, celebrating the jersey, debating the best, worst, the random, and the underappreciated is what I always have time for in life. I’ve owned some jerseys that I love and some that I didn’t like but because I’m a jersey addict, I bought anyway. We’ll be discussing all of that this week.

We begin the week by discussing the good stuff: the best jersey your team has ever worn. Most people who know me understand that I think that the Waldos are the best jerseys in the history of the United States Soccer Federation, and that the Waldos should be the jersey identity of the program for the rest of time. However, we have all week to debate the best jerseys in USMNT and USWNT history. Today, let’s focus on the clubs.

Some teams in Major League Soccer have struggled to establish a jersey identity, while others have embraced a color or design without fail. It follows the traditions you see in soccer around the world, where jersey identities have long been established and fans don’t have to worry much about how their favorite team is going to look going on the field. Still, we all have the jerseys we think are the best our team has ever worn, even if they may not be your favorite one in your closet.

So, what jersey is the best jersey your favorite club team(s) have ever worn? I’ll start with mine:

D.C. United - 1998 home jersey

D.C. United 1998 jersey

Pair this with red shorts and white socks, and that’s the look that I think D.C. United should have all the time. It was a perfect look and I wish I had a ‘98 jersey in my closet.

Real Madrid - 1998-1999 home jersey

Real Madrid 1998-1999

Los Blancos, in my opinion, were at their best when they came with this jersey. It had navy and gold trim, and the Teka sponsorship was downright amazing. Even the font they used for the namesets was terrific and completed the look. An all-white look with navy and gold trim is an incredible look and the finest they’ve donned in their illustrious history.

Detroit City FC - 2017 home jersey

Detroit City FC 2017 jersey

Detroit City FC have nailed it with pretty much every jersey they have put out in their 8-year history, but the 2017 jersey with the sublimated hoops was the real winner for me. It kept that rouge look strong while still providing a classic look for my hometown club.

Now, it’s your turn! Let’s start Jersey Week off right. Hit the comments and let us know which jersey is the best that your club team has ever worn.