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Another day, another Christian Pulisic goal

This is becoming a habit

Chelsea FC v Manchester City - Premier League Photo by Adrian Dennis/Pool via Getty Images

For the second time this week Christian Pulisic has scored a huge goal for Chelsea. Earlier this week he put in the equalizer against Aston Villa and he’s followed that up to open the scoring against Manchester City.

It started off innocently enough - a City corner that Chelsea cleared and seemed to be cycled back in by the boys in neon... Except America’s Christian Pulisc had other ideas. An errant pass between defenders gave Pulisic a chance to make an interception and sprint down the field with the ball at his feet.

The winger then gave Benjamin Mendi the smallest amount of hope that if he just stepped to him he could make a last ditch effort at stopping the inevitable, but alas the defender failed.

All that was left was to cooly slot the shot into the City goal and Chelsea found themselves up 1-0.

It’s been a hot start back for the American as Premier League gets back underway.