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Community Corner: Which MLS player deserves to start for the USMNT?

You may have to suspend disbelief for a moment on this one

SOCCER: JUL 25 MLS - Philadelphia Union v New England Revolution Photo by Joe Petro/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Editor’s Note: Parker is filling in this week on the Community Corner, don’t worry Donald will be back soon.

If there’s one thing every US Soccer fan knows, it’s that MLS is a conspiracy that exists only to promote it’s own self-interest and that self-interest means that MLS players must be on the national team even if it means that the national team loses games because it is not in the self-interest of MLS for the national team to be good. Right?

Put that deeply held and extremely accurate FACT aside for a moment, let’s say - for the sake of argument - that there are good USMNT players in MLS. There are plenty of solid players in the league playing week in and week out while a lot of the exciting young talent in Europe is on loan in second divisions of dubious quality, on youth or reserve teams, and not starting regularly.

So, the Community Corner question of the week is: which MLS player deserves to start for the USMNT? Let’s raise the stakes a little and say that there’s a must-win game on the line, who ya got?