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Community Corner: What stadiums are on your bucket list?

We need to dream...where do your dreams take you?


Soccer travel. It’s something that we all really didn’t get a chance to do in 2020 and something that we hope that we get to once again experience at some point in 2021. Where games occur, there exists the travel to a foreign place, seeing the sights around the city, and then day. The pregame, the walk to the stadium, the smell of the street food, the sound of street vendors trying to outfit you with a scarf with one of a team’s favorite players.

And then, you enter the stadium. It’s a stadium that you’ve always dreamed of attending, for a match you’ve always wanted to watch live. You hear the crowd, you feel the vibrations of the stadium underneath you, and you get to take in some incredible soccer on the perfect day.

What stadium is that for you? Is there a bucket list that you have? Will it take you to England, Argentina, Spain, South Africa, or Mexico? Or, is there another place that your bucket list will take you? That’s the Community Corner question of the week. Hit the comments and let us know which stadiums you want to cross off your list very soon.