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Midweek Mixtape: All hail king Beasley

Looking at US Soccer social media on hump day

Canada v United States - CONCACAF Nations League Photo by John Dorton/ISI Photos/Getty Images

DaMarcus Beasley is a legend. The left-back with 124 caps for the USMNT played in four World Cups and in at least one match every year for 15 straight years. But his on the field success isn’t even what we’re talking about. We’ll get to that in a minute but first, here are a few other things we noticed this week.

US Soccer House has their issues, but you know what? Their social media team has really been stepping it up lately. Here’s a nice nugget they posted from USMNT training this week:

and it’s not just the USMNT feed either, the USWNT side is getting pretty good as well, like this response to a reporter.

In transfer news Abby Dhalkemper signed with Manchester City which elicited a number of responses but our personal favorite was the welcome to Man City from Zack Steffen.

Our favorite of the week though goes to the aforementioned DaMarcus Beasley, not for anything on the field, but for his impeccable taste and even better sense of humor in his response to reactions to Christian Pulisic’s GQ profile.