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Community Corner: What’s your favorite FIFA21 formation?

Borussia Dormtund II v FC Wegberg-Beeck - Regionalliga Photo by Max Maiwald/DeFodi Images via Getty Images

The FIFA series of video games is the most popular series of soccer video games ever. With every installation, millions of gamers log on daily to play the game in various formats.

One of those formats is FIFA Ultimate Team, where you can earn player cards that can be used as you play the game to try and accrue points, achieve objectives and earn more players. Trying to form a team of all United States internationals? You can? Want to try and form your version of EA’s Team of the Year? You can do that too. Pretty soon, you look and you have a squad that will destroy any challengers.

However, one of the main dilemmas many face as they’re trying to get the perfect squad with 100% chemistry is: which formation do you use? Many like to go with a simple 4-3-3, like this guy here who has built up a decent squad but can’t stop a nosebleed on defense:

My FUT21 roster

Some opt for a 4-4-2 or some may opt for some variation of a 4-5-1. Still, people tinker with lineups and formations to get the best combination possible.

The Community Corner question this week is: what’s your favorite FIFA21 formation? Hit the comments and let us know what you’re using to take on the world in its greatest soccer video game.