Which of our Dual Nats would start for their other Countries

The scuffed guys asked this question and I thought it would be a fun exercise.

So here is my thought:

Pulisic - Croatia. He'd definitely play, I don't know if he would be a locked down starter, but he'd be on the squad

Dest - Netherlands. Same as Puli...I believe he's also eligible to play for Suriname and of course he'd start there

Musah - England - At this moment he probably wouldn't be getting call ups, but he probably will be in a few years

Italy - same as England

Ghana - I think he'd play for Ghana at this point

Pepi - He'd probably be getting camp call ups. But he wouldn't be starting

Weah - Yes for Jamaica and Liberia, no for France

Acosta - I think he'd probably be in a similar role for Japan as he is for us.

John Brooks and Julian Green would not play for Germany

I don't remember who else is eligible to play for other countries...but mostly it seems like probably not is the answer for most of our guys.

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