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SSFC Podcast, Episode 63: World Cup qualifying recap and the lunacy of a biennial World Cup

Why must FIFA mess with a good thing?

Andres Isaza,

The SSFC Podcast is back after the lengthy trip during the World Cup qualifying window with Episode 63! First up, the United States Men’s National Team are still in 2nd place in the Octagonal standings after 2 home wins and a road loss during the October international window. We quickly recap the three matches - wins against Jamaica and Costa Rica and a loss against Panama - and highlight two things that the USMNT went through that could be important the rest of the way.

After the break, we briefly discuss FIFA’s insane plan to convert the World Cup to every 2 years. Why does FIFA insist on doing this? Why are they watering down the competition. We have a mini rant on how wild this plan is and how it would hurt the prestige of the world’s most popular tournament.

The next episode will be a mailbag episode, so submit questions via Twitter using the hashtag #SSFCPodcast. You can also email questions to SSFC Podcast at Gmail dot com.