Getting creative to get our best XI on the pitch at same time

Possibly all of our players will never be healthy at the same time and it won't matter ... but assuming everyone gets healthy and we have the full compliment of our players available then will someone who knows, please answer me a couple of questions about why so many of our best players seem stuck in one position only?

I realize everyone is very excited about Pepi and I will concede that it is exciting to dream that we may have solved one of our biggest mysteries finding a real difference making 9 ...... however, lets suppose for a minute that his lack of suddenness and top speed, and lack of ability to muscle people off the ball, and lack of quickness required to press up high, will catch up to him and he will turnout to be a great talent with limited physical ability on the international stage. Then what?

Can someone explain to me why we can't get Aaronson, Reyna, and Pulisic on the pitch at the same time sometime in the future? Why are none of them every considered at #10? I would LOVE to see Pulisic at #10. He is a pass first player and a phenomenal dribbler - why do we only consider him on the wing? Same with Reyna, although in addition to #10, why can't he be used as our #9? What skills do these two players lack that are needed to play in the middle of the field?

Why is Aaronson only considered on the wing? Why can't he play #10 for us?

These are my biggest questions although I also wonder

Is Musah or Weah not capable of playing #9. I just think we should be trying to get our best XI on the pitch rather than keeping everyone in the same position that they play with their club teams.

None of this is to say that I have given up on Pefok or Sargent or Hoppe if Pepi doesn't work out as well in the long run as he has started in the short run. I think Pefok could still wind up being our guy! But even if he does .... why can't we get our biggest studs playing in the middle of the field in the final 3rd?

Thanks in advance for answers and theories!

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