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Christian Pulisic sends cheeky response to Mexico’s Guillermo Ochoa after winning goal in rivalry match


Mexico v United States: 2022 World Cup Qualifying Photo by Omar Vega/Getty Images

Ahead of the USMNT’s heated rivalry match in World Cup Qualifying with Mexico, goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa sparked some controversy with a quote pertaining to how the US sees itself in comparison to his team.

Ochoa told TUDN:

“Mexico has been that mirror in which they [the United States] want to see themselves and reflect, what they want to copy.”

Christian Pulisic offered his response to this trash talk in the only way he knew how. By coming off the bench, scoring the winning goal against Mexico — which happens to be the third time the US has beaten Mexico in competitive action in five months — and revealing a message on his shirt that read “I am the man in the mirror.”

You have to love this sport and this rivalry. It doesn’t appear to be cooling down any time soon. Also you have to admire Pulisic’s confidence to even prepare that message knowing full well he’d only play 20-25 minutes at most while coming back from injury.