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Wolfsburg reportedly negotiating a transfer for USMNT star Ricardo Pepi

Silly Season’s Greetings!

Bosnia & Herzegovina v United States Photo by Omar Vega/Getty Images

One of the most sought after American talents this transfer window is Ricardo Pepi. The teenager caught the attention of European scouts with his standout performances in MLS and on the US Men’s National Team. According to Fabirzio Romano Wolfsburg is working to bring the player to the Bundesliga.

The news was confirmed by’s Tom Bogert as well.

Of course, nothing is set in stone at this point. Wolfsburg is in 13th in the Bundesliga closing out 2021, just 3 points out of the bottom 3. While the team qualified for the Champions League, it finished last in its group. Goals have been hard to come by for the team also as it has a -12 goal differential in league play and ended up with a -5 tally in continental competition. Clearly, Wolfsburg needs a striker, but it might be something of a risk to put the expectations of leading the line on the shoulders of an 18 year-old.