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Community Corner: What would you change about the Champions League?

Forget the Super League, create the SSFC League!

UEFA Champions League Cup in Istanbulâââââââ Photo by Onur Coban/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

The Super League is over almost as soon as it began, and what was a 72-hour proposal that divided soccer fans around the world has now been imploded, with only Real Madrid president Florentino Perez left to defend it. The proposed closed competition was likely nothing more than a negotiation tactic by the 12 teams to try and get more money out of any competition, whether it was the Super League, Champions League, or another bad creation (not the group).

Still, while it seems that all seems to be restored in the eyes of the fans, the gripes about the Champions League and Europa League schedule still exist. And let’s be honest: UEFA’s counterproposal wasn’t much better than the Super League idea that was grounded before it hatched its wings. They wanted to increase the number of teams in the competitions, increase the number of matches, and further clog the schedule. They even have a proposal to award 2 spots in the Champions League to teams based on a recent legacy coefficient.

So, while everyone is mad at the Super League for daring to exist, UEFA’s proposed changes aren’t anything to celebrate. So, now it’s time for the SSFC community to chime in with its proposals.

What would you change about the Champions League, Europa League, and the newly created Europa Conference League? Hit the comments and discuss your your inner Florentino Perez!