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Community Corner: What are your favorite cleats?

So many boots out there in the world...which ones are your tried and true?

Picture taken 22 March 2006 shows an emp Photo credit should read OLIVER LANG/DDP/AFP via Getty Images

Cleats. Boots. Soccer shoes. Whatever you call what you put on your feet, it’s an integral part of playing the game of soccer. Growing up, some people played the beautiful game wearing whatever shoes they had. Some even went barefoot.

As we moved along in life, cleats became a bigger part of the game. Some people go with the cleats they find on the discount shelf that are in their size. Others want the latest and greatest so they can pretend to be Zinedine Zidane or Ronaldinho in their prime or Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo today. Others are looking to collect cleats for special occasions or for when they try out for that team they think can give them a shot at a career on the field. Some rock Nikes, some swear by Adidas, and some think Pumas are the ones for their feet.

So, we want to ask you this week: which cleats are your go-to? Hit the comments and let us know which cleats you’re rocking with, whether it’s a particular brand or a specific model!