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Community Corner: What leagues have you watched more in 2021?

The accessibility of soccer on TV has increased. Which leagues have won more of your attention?

SOCCER: MAY 16 NWSL - Washington Spirit at Orlando Pride Photo by Andrew Bershaw/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

When sports came back from their coronavirus-forced stoppages of play, it seemed that there was an overload of sports on television after months of re-runs and talking about when they would return. For soccer, many leagues used the time to get long-term deals that would put them on a particular television channel or streaming service for the next few years.

This time last year, the only soccer most fanatics could watch was the Belarusian Premier League, and it had so many of us becoming experts at the teams that played every week as we struggled to cope. Now, so many leagues have found themselves on TV or on a streaming service that fans could load up their weekends with soccer. You can watch Gruether Fürth with almost as much regularity as you could watch Fulham FC. There were other leagues, like Liga MX Femenil, the WSL, and even the NWSL, that are regularly on TV or streaming services where it’s very accessible to watch.

Is there a league that you didn’t used to watch that you find yourself watching more now? Is there a particular league that you rarely watched but now you’re a fanatic of a team in that league? That’s the Community Corner question, so you should hit the comments and discuss!