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Relive the USMNT’s instant classic Nations League win over Mexico with this behind-the-scenes video

The Behind The Crest series delivers the goods.

U.S. Soccer’s digital team has produced the Behind The Crest video series for quite some time that regularly showcases great behind-the-scenes moments from the USMNT and USWNT. They’ve finally released a 10-minute masterpiece of content revolving around the USMNT’s unbelievable, roller coaster of a win against Mexico in the Nations League final a few weeks ago.

While that night seemingly lasted an eternity with all that transpired, this video does an amazing job of highlighting every moment that happened on the field. More importantly it gives us a glimpse of all the emotions before and after the final whistle.

From Mexico’s early tally all the way to Ethan Horvath’s heroics, the video showcases it all with a perfectly dramatic soundtrack to go along with it. However, the best parts have to be the post-match reactions. If seeing the entire team jumping in unison and singing “Campeones” doesn’t make you feel things, you should probably check your pulse. Then concluding with Horvath’s speech is a perfect way to wrap up.

It may have just happened a few weeks ago, but this match will go down as one of the best nights in USMNT history and having this video to help bring back those feelings is fantastic.