Grading Berhalter Just before WCQ

World Cup Qualifying begins in 3 weeks time. USMNT have a lot to put behind them as they face the new challenges ahead. Im not putting to much emphasis with the Nations League and Gold Cup Silverware the USMNT have brought home over the summer. 2017 USMNT won the Gold Cup and then 3 months later, with their own destiny in their hands epically failed with the dreadful match in Couva.

Lets take this time to break down Berhalter 3 years to see how worried/concern we should be going into WCQ.

Im going to start with the worse grade for me personally:
Player evaluation:
Gregg appears to be really bad at player evaluation. This plays a major affect into player selection. Read an article stating that GB didnt realize how good Busio actually was until he was right in front of him at the GC camp. This Lleget fascination getting him to fly across the pond at last min only to play him as a false 9. Sorry, it doesnt take a professional analysis to realize that is a terrible idea. GB being upset at the lack of urgency in the USMNT attack during the Haiti game of the gold cup, but I was like what do you expect with the players on the field?I am very intrigue at where GB thinks Yuiell and Lleget are now on the depth charts. I give him a F for this. Only good thing with this is it does seem to finally be the case that Yuiell is low enough on the depth charts to not play. WCQ roster of 26-28 players will be telling for sure at where GB sees where is officially at.

In game tactics-
this is where GB has improved a lot as years went on. The terrible start to GB tenure of Lima as the inverted RB, Utilizing Adams to do the same a few games later. Subbing in Lovitz to provide "width" in the final. Lleget as the false 9. Stating he was disappointed he how we played in the 2019 GC final for a 1-0 loss because players were more direct, and thought we played better in a 3-0 loss to Mexico few months later in a friendly, mistakes will happen with ball possession. Seems like he has stopped all of the situations that annoyed the crap out of me. We played direct against Mexico in this GC final, Realized Turner isnt good with the ball at his feet so we stopped passing it back for the majority of the situation. in the 3 years he has improved every year so im hoping this continues and he gets a B- from me.

Dual Nats- Im really not sure how much credit to give GB on this one. But grabbing Musah is massive. Yes i understand he may still play for England since he isnt officially cap tied, THANKS GB (player evaluation grade). However, He did fly out to be there with/for Dest at the time he was making the choice. He did get Musah into camps so he felt part of the family. Sanago was suppose to be on the U-17 USYNT CONCACAF Championship tournament to see is we made the U-17 tournament prior to it being cancelled. Which would be massive for him to be apart of USMNT. Odunze has been called into a few USMNT camps along with the primary GK for USYNT in the 2019 U-17 WC. Ill give him an A for this. Might be generous since its not fully his responsibility to some extent but he has done very well getting the dual nats into camps/system

During game Behavior-
I give him an A. his emotions have been there with a few good memes to back it up. Situation with Tata during nations league. 4th official with the GC, he is showing emotion and constantly talking to the players.

Overall grade is an optimistic B. I know i missed a few topics to discuss. LEt me know what you think his grade should be?

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