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USWNT drawn into Group E for 2023 Women’s World Cup

They will play the group stage in New Zealand.


This evening, the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup draw took place before a packed Aotea Centre in Auckland, New Zealand. The United States Women’s National Team, along with 38 other teams, learned where they will be playing in the co-hosted tournament next summer along with their group opponents.

Co-hosts New Zealand and Australia were already pre-drawn into Groups A and B, respectively. The USWNT, as the #1 ranked team in the world and a seeded team in Pot 1, was drawn into Group E, where they will be joined by Vietnam, the Netherlands, and the winner of the Group A Playoff. The USWNT will head to New Zealand for the group stage of the tournament.

The 8 groups in the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup (current FIFA ranking in parentheses):

Group A - New Zealand (22), Norway (12), Philippines (53), Switzerland (21)

Group B - Australia (13), Ireland (24), Nigeria (45), Canada (7)

Group C - Spain (6), Costa Rica (37), Zambia (81), Japan (11)

Group D - England (4), Playoff B Winner (Senegal (84)/Haiti (56)/Chile (38)), Denmark (18), China (15)

Group E - USA (1), Vietnam (34), Netherlands (8), Playoff A Winner (Cameroon (58)/Thailand (41)/Portugal (23))

Group F - France (5), Jamaica (43), Brazil (9), Playoff C Winner (Chinese Taipei (40)/Paraguay (51)/Papua New Guinea (50)/Panama (57))

Group G - Sweden (2), South Africa (54), Italy (14), Argentina (29)

Group H - Germany (3), Morocco (76), Colombia (27), South Korea (17)

UPDATE (10/24): Times have been set by FIFA for each of the matches in the tournament, and here are the dates for the 3 group stage matches for the USWNT:

USA vs. Vietnam - July 21st, 9:00pm ET, Auckland

USA vs. Netherlands - July 26th, 9:00pm ET, Wellington

Playoff A Winner (Cameroon (58)/Thailand (41)/Portugal (23)) vs. USA - August 1st, 3:00am ET, Auckland

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