Who wants a Waldo?

I came across this tweet last night from nearly 1 month ago. A designer who, like most of the universe, had a ‘meh’ reaction to our WC kits decided, unlike most of the universe, to put his skills to use and design a better kit:

And it’s stunning, in its simplicity, its sensibility, and its style.

It just makes sense and it’s just plain gorgeous. And when he did deviate from the flag, he made a smart choice of focusing on something deeply influential and deeply American with the black & gold Declaration of Independence kit.

Nike and the fed could take a lesson here. Instead of making wildly different kits every tournament that are inspired by little besides the whim of the designer, leaning into our pretty unique flag makes sense.

And if we’re going to be a world class football nation, why not emulate countries like Brazil & Argentina, great footballing nations who are immediately recognizable on the field? (In this regard, Italy, France, and Germany are consistent but not always immediately recognizable)

I like the idea of variations on a theme so I’m not averse to new kits for tournaments. Make something different with the Waldos and I might buy another one. Or the Stars. Or a special 3rd kit that means something and has some connection to our identity and history.

I don’t want to have another tournament like the last Gold Cup where we copped Portugal’s kits.

I am happy to see that a kit making company reached out to the guy and that these are available for sale - with a white version of the DoI kit that just makes too much sense:

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