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I Know The Score: 2022 World Cup Edition

Tell us how you think the World Cup games will go and we will see who really Knows The Score.


Do you know how the 2022 FIFA World Cup is going to play out? Well, here’s your chance to show us! For the tournament this year, we’ve got a prediction game for you called I Know The Score (IKTS). The good folks over at The Short Fuse have been playing this game with the Premier League for years now, and we figured the World Cup would be a fun opportunity to bring it here to SSFC.

The rules are simple. Ahead of each round of fixtures, we’ll post the upcoming matches. All you’ve got to do is post a comment with a predicted scoreline for each game. You get points for each correct result. 1 point for picking the winning team, 2 points for getting the margin of victory right (or correctly calling a draw), or a max of 3 points if you get the exact scoreline right. At the end, we’ll tally up everyone’s points and announce a winner, with exact predictions serving as the tie-breaker.

With that, here’s the schedule for the first round of the group stage. At the bottom, there’s also a simplified format to make copy/pasting easier.

Group A

Qatar v. Ecuador Nov. 20
Senegal v. Netherlands Nov. 21

Group B

England v. Iran Nov. 21
United States v. Wales Nov. 21

Group C

Argentina v. Saudi Arabia Nov. 22
Senegal v. Netherlands Nov. 22

Group D

Denmark v. Tunisia Nov. 22
France v. Australia Nov. 22

Group E

Germany v. Japan Nov. 23
Spain v. Costa Rica Nov. 23

Group F

Morocco v. Croatia Nov. 23
Belgium v. Canada Nov. 23

Group G

Switzerland v. Cameroon Nov. 24
Brazil v. Serbia Nov. 24

Group H

Uruguay v. South Korea Nov. 24
Portugal v. Ghana Nov. 24

Qatar v. Ecuador
Senegal v. Netherlands
England v. Iran
United States v. Wales
Argentina v. Saudi Arabia
Mexico v. Poland
Denmark v. Tunisia
France v. Australia
Germany v. Japan
Spain v. Costa Rica
Morocco v. Croatia
Belgium v. Canada
Switzerland v. Cameroon
Brazil v. Serbia
Uruguay v. South Korea
Portugal v. Ghana

Don’t forget to drop your match predictions below! And, if you’ve got any questions, drop them in the comments as well.