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I Know the Score: 2022 World Cup Week 3

Tell us how you think the World Cup games will go and we will see who really Knows The Score.

A giant World Cup trophy Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Welcome back to SSFC’s rendition of I Know The Score! This time, we’ve got the third and final round of the group stage. Once again, just list your predictions for each match in the comments. Don’t worry if you missed out on the earlier games; there’s still plenty of time to catch up! If you need a refresher on the rules, you can find it here. Otherwise, make sure to get your predictions in before the matches start!

Here’s the schedule for the second round of the group stage. At the bottom, there’s also a simplified format to make copy/pasting easier. I’ll put a post up for everybody’s scores tomorrow, after the second round is complete.

Group A

Qatar v. Netherlands Nov. 29

Ecuador v. Senegal Nov. 29

Group B

Wales v. England Nov. 29

United States v. Iran Nov. 29

Group C

Poland v. Argentina Nov. 30

Saudi Arabia v. Mexico Nov. 30

Group D

Tunisia v. France Nov. 30

Australia v. Denmark Nov. 30

Group E

Costa Rica v. Germany Dec. 1

Spain v. Japan Dec. 1

Group F

Canada v. Morocco Dec. 1

Belgium v. Croatia Dec. 1

Group G

Serbia v. Switzerland Dec. 2

Brazil v. Cameroon Dec. 2

Group H

Ghana v. Uruguay Dec. 2

Portugal v. South Korea Dec. 2

Qatar v. Netherlands

Ecuador v. Senegal

Wales v. England

USMNT v. Iran

Poland v. Argentina

Saudi Arabi v. Mexico

Tunisia v. France

Australia v. Denmark

Costa Rica v. Germany

Japan v. Spain

Canada v. Morocco

Belgium v. Croatia

Serbia v. Switzerland

Brazil v. Cameroon

Ghana v. Uruguay

Portugal v. South Korea