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Ricardo Pepi rumored to be leaving Augsburg in the summer

Emphatically rumored in fact

Dutch Eredivisie”FC Emmen v FC Groningen” Photo by ANP via Getty Images

After struggling to break through for Augsburg after transferring from FC Dallas, Ricardo Pepi has found his form in the Eredivisie. He’s got five goals and an assist in his last six starts on loan with Groningen and is perhaps relieving some of the concerns about being included in the 2022 USMNT World Cup squad.

This, of course, means it’s time for a transfer rumor. A really, really emphatic transfer rumor. One with a declarative statement and everything. According to trusted transfer news and rumor source Fabrizio Romano, Pepi is leaving Augsburg. In fact, he “will leave Augsburg in the summer.”

This has some markings of a typical transfer rumor with the “many clubs” qualifier rather than a specific team bringing him in. It also doesn’t include that an offer has been received or that this is anything other than, maybe at least, a player or player’s representative wanting to do something like drum up interest in a move or put pressure on Augsburg to do... something. It’s really not clear, because this is a transfer rumor.

In any case, it would be another in a series of moves for the striker who is now playing for his third club in three years. While that’s not unheard of, especially for a young talent still developing as a teenager, it would be a quick move after Augsburg paid $20 million to bring him in just this past January. Especially after American part-owner David Blitzer helped finance the deal.

With Pepi heating up and clubs rumored to be interested in bringing him in because he’s rumored to be leaving Augsburg this summer, the World Cup will be a massive stage for the youngster to perhaps make a name for himself.