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I Know the Score: 2022 World Cup Final & 3rd Place

Tell us how you think the World Cup games will go and we will see who really Knows The Score.

FIFA World Cup 2022 - Qatar - Friday December 16th Photo by Mike Egerton/PA Images via Getty Images

Well, here we are at long last. The end of the line. Here, at long last, we are at the end of the journey. And so, I am left with just one last question...

Do you know the score?

Welcome back to one last rendition of SSFC’s rendition of I Know The Score! This weekend, we’ve got the World Cup finals! Who will win? Argentina or France? What will be the scoreline? Who knows? YOU DO., and here is your chance to tell us! Drop your prediction for the match down below for one last chance for points.


Oh, and also for the 3rd place game. That is also happening. Probably shouldn’t forget that one. But, really, we know this is all about the FINAL.

After the World Cup concludes, there will be a final post tallying up the score and announcing the winner. So this is your last chance to rack up some points! And, for that matter, isn’t it all the better to get those points in the grand finale? I mean, sure, it’s not technically worth more points. But I think we can all at least acknowledge that they are better points*.

*Ok, well, maybe a perfect score for the Portugal-Switzerland game would have been better points, but whatever.

Once again, just list your predictions for each match in the comments. At this point, there’s only a few matches remaining! But even if you are behind, this is a change to make your predictions and show you know your stuff! If you need a refresher on the rules, you can find it here. We will count matches that end in penalty shootouts as draws, with the score based on how the game ends after all the additional time is up (so the full 120 minutes for games that need it). Be sure to get your predictions in before the matches start!

Morocco v. Croatia

France v. Argentina

Once you get your predictions in, hit the comments and discuss why you chose the teams you did and what needs to happen for your predictions to be right!