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IKTS: 2022 World Cup Edition WINNERS

The Winners are in for the 2022 FIFA World Cup edition of IKTS!


Welcome back to SSFC’s edition of I Know The Score! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and Boxing Day period (I’m certainly enjoying the return of European club football). With the the 2022 FIFA World Cup now well and truly behind us, there is but one thing left to do here in IKTS: Announce the scores and the winners!

Just a quick refresher, I Know The Score was a game here on SSFC where we asked our commentariat to guess the scores for each game before they happened, with correct guesses winning points. The points awarded ranged from just a single point for getting the result right, all the way to a max 3 points for getting the exact scoreline. The points total and the exact scores were tallied up and, now that the tournament is over, we know who really did Know the Scores.

But first, we have some side awards.

Golden Ball

The Golden Ball, the award for most correct predictions, goes to ByrdmanintheDR! Byrdman got an astounding 9 predictions right, vaulting him way up the table.

The Golden Boot

The Golden Ball, the award for most points in a single week, goes to ByrdmanintheDR! Yes, that’s right, Byrdman won both the Golden Ball AND the Golden Boot! With 19 points in the second week, Byrdman put up simply astounding numbers. But actually, that alone would not have been enough. Siren123 actually tied that mark in the first week. But Byrdman gets the nod here because they actually did it TWICE! Two straight 19 point weeks, in the 2nd and 3rd rounds of the Group Stage. And for that impressive display, we award the Golden Boot.

With that, we will present our podium.

Third Place

Edging into 3rd place is the_mad_brad, with 49 points, just one above Adnan Ilyas in 4th (wait, NOOOOO!!, I was so close!!!) the_mad_brad proved consistency was key, racking up points after points, but only making 2 exact predictions.

Second Place

In Second Place, we have ByrdmanintheDR, with 50 points. Yes, this is the shock result of the tournament! The top predictor did not finish first! Byrdman missed a few rounds during the knockout stage and those few games may well have just swung the game.

First Place

And, with no further delay, the winner of IKTS: 2022 FIFA World Cup Edition presented by [unnamed sponsor] is …


With 53 points and 6 exact predictions, jrg22007 took the game in decisive manner. Congratulations!

Below, we have the full table of all the scores for everyone who played. I want to thank everyone who participated. If you had thoughts or suggestions on the game, please, let us know!

IKTS Final Table

Players Score Bonus Points
Players Score Bonus Points
jrg22007 53 6
ByrdmanintheDR 50 9
the_mad_brad 49 2
Adnan Ilyas 48 5
Keggar 42 5
Cuscago Ty 42 4
isaax05 37 5
bmr209 36 4
ravenbrian 21 2
siren123 19 3
drock1331 17 1
Pwyll 16 2
Asoundersfan17 15 2
LJ Hann 13 2
jph000 12 0
KD'sBurnerAccount 11 1
hungrylikethewolf 10 2
KevSea 10 1
BigDFan09 10 0
Cowhunter 10 0
EastDeflection 8 0
prockstar03 7 0
cjtheman 3 1
RCork 1 0
cbuki 1 0