I see a lot of folks on here going back and forth about "best formations" vs. "best players" vs. "Berhalter stinks" and it's led me to my question for all of you who are much more knowledgeable than I:

If the goal is to have our best playmakers on the field, in a formation that they have a chance to thrive in, and that our manager understands so that he can effectively manage, then why wouldn't something like the following work:

Pulisic ------- Reyna ------- Weah

McKennie --- Adams --- Musah

A. Robinson - Zimmerman - M. Robinson - Dest

----------------------- Steffen -----------------------

Obviously you can swap out if you feel for example that Brooks is better than Zimmerman, but my main focus would be on the striker/center forward position and the issue that seems to constantly come up at that location.

Putting Reyna there gives us a skilled ball handler, who seems to be able to hold on to the ball and take it at defenders when needed, he's not afraid to go for goal, and he's a decent passer to hit the two on the outside (and could be interchangeable with either of those two throughout the game to confuse defenses). He also seems to have the motor to track back if defending is required and kind of be the "Tyler Adams" of the forward group, winning balls back and distributes to Pulisic and Weah.

I've seen lots of folks on here suggest Reyna needs to be in the starting lineup in ink, and while I agree, it's usually at the expense of Musah or Weah, and unfortunately I don't agree with that. I think Musah and Weah have been two of the more consistent players throughout the Octagonal.

I've even seen some suggest that he needs to be centrally located in place of McKennie, which is pretty nuts if you ask me.

I also see after each low scoring game that people are constantly frustrated with Pefok, Ferreira, Dike, Sargent, Zardes, etc. for lack of goals, and overall quality in many cases. I'm only half tongue-in-cheek when I say that if we're not expecting our strikers to score goals then why not start our best XI.

However, I can't recall seeing anyone suggest that we put a player that many agree is our best all around attacking player in the hole that is our biggest glaring weakness.

Is there some strategic issue this would cause? Does this entirely ruin Berhalter's system somehow? Help me out guys, is there something I'm missing that would make this a really stupid idea? It just feels like a really simple potential solution to a lot of the concerns I see voiced on this site.

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