I know you know this already, but the USMNT is at the beginning of a new beginning. After decades of good ole fashion counter-attack "American soccer", Coach Gregg has course-corrected and we aint turning back. At the WC, most opponents have possessed the ball and built out of the back for a hundred years. Literally.

What I’m saying is obvious. Don’t be surprised if this 2022 World Cup doesn’t meet our dreams. Naturally, we want this and that, but soccer is cruel even to world class teams. And a group of teenage players embarking on a new tactical path, CONCACAF third place, without a proven striker, well, just don’t expect the stars. Hope, of course! When it comes to expectations, please, slow your roll.

As for me, I will get lost in the splendor of it all. I love these lads and how much they enjoy each other. America is back on the grandest world stage, and in some ways, we’re playing with house money.

Tomorrow we learn the group from which we’ll try and escape. I’m declaring early that I won’t be devastated either way. The splendor of the fight’s enough for me. But heaven help the world if the lads make it into the knockout rounds! American spirit? WITH all that house money? You kiddin me?

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