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Cindy Parlow Cone Re-Elected as USSF President

Cindy Parlow Cone has won re-election to the position of USSF president for the upcoming 4 year term, defeating her competitor in decisive fashion.

2021 SheBelieves Cup - United States v Canada Photo by Brad Smith/ISI Photos/Getty Images

Cindy Parlow Cone has won re-election to the position of president of the United States Soccer Federation (USSF).

Parlow Cone defeated former USSF president Carlos Cordiero in a competitive, but decisive election during the 2022 U.S. Soccer Annual General Meeting on March 5th.

Cindy Parlow Cone initially came to the position of USSF president back in March 2020, upon the resignation of Carlos Cordiero. In 2021, Parlow Cone was elected to finish the 2018-22 term in an uncontested election. Upon winning the election, Parlow Cone is now set to serve a four-year term. Her competitor was the afore-mentioned Cordiero, who resigned in disgrace after the federation advanced a scorched-earth legal strategy in the US women’s national team equal pay lawsuit. During her acceptance speech, Parlow Cone said the following:

In the brief time Parlow Cone has served as president, the federation has concluded several lawsuits, including a settlement for the USWNT equal pay lawsuit; disentangled the federation from several relationships that created potential conflicts of interests; launched a credible investigation into the systematic abuses in women's soccer; and negotiated a television rights deal independent from MLS for the first time in nearly 20 years. Prior to serving as USSF president, Parlow Cone was elected as the federation vice-president. Before serving as a sports executive, she was a professional soccer player, appearing for the USWNT 158 times, including through the victorious 1999 Fifa World Cup.

Parlow Cone will oversee a notable period for the USSF over the coming term. In particular, the federation needs to prepare for the 2026 FIFA men’s World Cup, which will be jointly hosted by the United States, Mexico, and Canada.