WC Roster Locks and Who Fills Your blanks?

Alright just for simplicity I've gone with 3 GKs, 4 FBs, 4 CBs, 6 MFs, 4 Wingers, and 2 Strikers for the outline. I am pretty confident that Horvath will be the third keeper and that Yedlin will be one of the FBs but I left them out to make it a bit more interesting.

3 GKs: Steffen - Turner - ???

4 FBs: Dest - Robinson - ??? - ???

4 CBs: Zimmerman - Richards - ??? - ???

6 MFs: McKennie - Adams - Musah - LDLT - Acosta - ???

4 Wingers: Pulisic - Aaronson - Weah - Reyna

2 Strikers: Ferreira - ???

Obviously the plugs we need to fill are a keeper, two fullbacks, two center backs, a midfielder and a striker. Personally, I'd go with Slonina at the GK. let it roll with the kid. If the other two don't want to step up and take it, why not him?

Scally and Yedlin for me at the fullback spots. Bello just doesn't do enough. Cannon is close to Yedin so I could definitely be persuaded to switch there.

Center backs are probably the most complicated two figure out. Brooks should be a lock but everyone knows where we are there. If no Brooks, I'm bringing EPB and CCV. Strong seasons in big leagues and I hope we get to see them this week. Long doesn't do it for me, but he's probably going thanks to our boy Gregg.

Last midfield spot could be filled by Reyna. I'd love to have him there but dont think GB will do it. Tillman and Mihailovic are very interesting here. Roldan is an option, however you may feel about that. Genuinely don't know who I would bring here. Want to see Tillman and Mihailovic this week.

If you slide Reyna to the MF then the open winger spot is also wide open. Arriola, Morris are options. Would love some other suggestions. Dont think KDLF or Sargent can cut it on the wing.

Striker - the great USMNT enigma. Super excited for Wright. 6'4, can run, and decent technically, but havent seen much of him tbh. A lot of potential for this dude in these upcoming two weeks. Dike, Hoppe, Sargent, Pepi are the other options. We could get creative and bring 3 "strikers."

Who fills your blanks? Anyone listed as a lock who shouldn't be?

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