If we were to create a best XI from the region who would be on the squad and how would that team perform at the World Cup?

Mine would be:

Navas in goal for the easiest decision

Dest as RB.

Davies as a LB seems unfair because he's so good. But I think this allows the most players to get on the field.

CBs: Brooks and Araujo. Kind of a tough call for me to be honest.

CM: McKennie, Edson Alvares, Hector Herrera

This is where is gets tough...

Choosing 3 between Puli, Lozano, Jonathan David, Jimenez, Antonio, Gio, Tecatito, and probably someone else thats not even written down is a tough freaking tast.

Because I'm an American Puli gets on the squad. After that, I'm taking Antonio over Jimenez just for the sake of choosing someone from a different country. Honestly Gio might be the most talented but hes young and injury prone so I'll leave him off. I will take Lozano.



Dest Brooks, Araujo, Davies


McKennie, HH

Lozano, Antonio, Puli

That team would be competitive at a WC. I would argue they should make a semi final.

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