Some of our boys need transfers

Word is that Marsch wants Adams at Leeds, which would be great since he’s not a surefire starter with Tedesco. Anyone have an idea on how Marsch plans on using Aaronson? Those two playing together would be great for the NT.

The guy who really needs a transfer is Pulisic, because Tuchel is a Douchel ™. I guess I’m glad that Lampard rated him and it’s hard to argue with Tuchel leading them to a Champions League win, but Puli needs a change of scenery and a coach who’ll actually play him consistently.

I have thought that he might be better off in Germany or Italy, but I wonder if there’s any chance in hell that he could make it to Liverpool. Yes, the path to PT there is just as hard as Chelsea, but Mane is leaving and his touch map looks a lot like where CP tends to play for the NT.

I couldn’t get the image url to share here but you can see Mane’s touch map at

Puli would slot in perfectly there. And one must think that Klopp likes the kid, back from the Dortmund days. And it would be cool for Puli to get to play for his favorite team. Apparently I’m not the only one thinking this.

Any chance of this happening, or should I put the koolaid down? And who else needs a transfer?

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