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USMNT Strikers on the Move: Pefok and Haji Wright set to join new teams

Steps forward for potential USMNT no. 9s

Uruguay v USMNT Photo by John Dorton/ISI Photos/Getty Images

If there’s something that the USMNT needs, it’s a striker. This is an important position because it’s the one that is relied upon to score goals. Recently the position has been... lacking consistency for the Stars and Stripes. The trend over tournaments as of late and in World Cup qualification was that a promising player would emerge and not deliver for the national team - or - would deliver in spectacular fashion only to fall off abruptly.

In some ways this is a pitfall of having such a young team. The striker pool is clearly still developing, but a couple of them are starting to enter their prime years. Pefok and Haji Wright are reaching that point.

Pefok is reportedly set to join Union Berlin as he steps up from Young Boys to the Bundesliga. The move will give him a chance to play in the Europa League as well where he’ll look to once again do something unkind to Manchester United.

Meanwhile, Haji Wright is set to move from SønderjyskE, but his destination is still up in the air. As of a few days ago it seemed like he was close to joining Hull City, but they’re just one of many teams looking at the forward. Spezia in Serie A are also in the running for him as well.