After watching Morocco and Uruguay matches... "For now".... we have nearly zero choice other than to play Reyna at the 9 (If he can stay healthy). Fereria, Sargent, Dike, Tilman, Pepi, Pefok, whomever else??? I'd one thousand times take Reyna over any of them in a tight spot in the final third. I'm also now convinced that some combo of Adams, Musah, McKennie, Aaaronson, LDTL (hell even Acosta) can handle the the midfield so we can push Reyna forward. Weah and Pulisic on the wing. So many times the question has been where to fit in Reyna. Simply... he is far more skilled than any of our other "9's". I don't care if he presses or not or if we have to play Arreola on wing... I'd rather him stand quietly on their last defender and then have one or two chances for finishes, We also are better off he is taking the set pieces and letting Pulisic scramble around and finish. Is this best for Reyna? I don't care... unless some US player scores a 8+ goals in any league during the lead-up to WC, it has to be Reyna, He, can be our 8 or 10 in 2026 when is is 23 years old.

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