All Time Best XI for the MNT

I've been thinking about an all time best XI for the MNT. The new generation is so challenging for this exercise because the are still so young but obviously so talented. The biggest challenge would be fitting people into specific formations so for the sake of argument I'm simply choosing 4 Defenders, 3 Midfielders and 3 Attacking players. I'll pick a second XI as well

I'll go:

GK -Tim Howard (Brad Friedel)

Defenders: Cherundolo, Balboa, Brooks, DMB (Dest, Pope, Bocanegra and I can't come up with a last defender that I like here so my second XI is a 3 back group)

Midfield: Claudio Reyna, McKennie, Cobi Jones (MB90, Jermaine Jones, Thomas Dooley, John O'Brien)

Attackers: CP, Lando, Duece (McBride, Eric Wynalda, Jozy)

Edit: This isn't an "All-Time" list as much as its a best XI since 1990 or so. I simply have no reference for teams before then, especially considering how bad our teams were.

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