Adams to Leeds, LDLT to Celta Vigo

I can't comprehend why this site doesn't post articles about this stuff! I love both of these moves for selfish reasons, but hopefully someone savvier than me can talk about what they think it means for their games and careers.

I've only been closely following club soccer since the Bundesliga was the first sport to come back after the lockdown, so I haven't had a favorite team, until now! I was going to say Aaronson and Adams are two of my favorites, but then I was mentally filling out the rest of that list and there are too many guys on it to call them all my favorites so I'll just say I am beyond thrilled to have two of our key guys on the same club team, and an American manager to boot. Leeds feeds my needs I bleeds white now.

And I am super pumped that Luca has moved to a league that I can easily and cheaply watch (ESPN+). He's another one of my favorites :)

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