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Brenden Aaronson goal sparks Leeds United 3-0 thrashing of Chelsea

America pretty much beat Chelsea this morning


There’s an American in the Premier League who is getting a lot of attention for his dynamic play and tireless effort on the pitch every weekend. He’s clearly a rising star that is on the team currently undefeated sitting in second in the EPL table. It’s Brenden Aaronson. Here he is opening the scoring against a keeper that makes a certain former Man City backup look sure footed.

Jesse “The Presser” Marsch might not exactly be a tactical wizard, but he has his team pressing and running a lot and trying hard and that will get you pretty far and even earn an upset against the likes of Thomas “The Professor” Tuchel.

After the game Aaronson discussed that the key to pressing is wanting it more.

Does anyone know Jack Harrison’s FIFA USA eligibility? There must be a rule that if a player attended college in the United States they’re an honorary American, right?

Both are vintage NY Red Bulls goals.